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Emily Moïse-Fontenot, LPC-S, CCTP, Certified Brainspotting Consultant


"I work best with clients who are interested in deep reflective work, exploring how their early attachments, past relationships, and traumas impact their lives. I enjoy work that is creative and fluid and will often step outside the bounds of traditional talk therapy to help clients move through difficult barriers to healing such as emotional dysregulation, dissociation, and parts of self.

I am an attachment-based, Psychodynamic therapist and draw heavily from brain-body and art therapy techniques. I have received extensive training in TF-CBT, Brainspotting, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, DBT and EMDR. I hold certifications as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and as a Brainspotting Practitioner and Consultant."

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"I work best with folks that find themselves mired in the swamp of changes in their life and the emotions that come up around those changes.  Sometimes these changes are harder due to our painful pasts.  Often,  folks going through transition may not know what to do with their feelings about life, but they know that anything has to be better than how they are feeling right now.

That’s where therapy can help.  Therapy is a relationship based on unconditional positive regard where you are able to express yourself fully and completely. And it is not always easy. In our work together, we will dig in to the words you use to describe yourself and your world.  We’ll look at where you’ve come from and where you are headed.  We’ll work to define the roles you have in your life to help ensure that you have balance as you define it.  

I am a strengths based therapist that views problems from a trauma-informed, family systems therapy perspective.  I work to help you begin to feel safe inside your body so that you can open up the space to respond instead of react.  It’s about progress not perfection and learning that you are enough today just because you are you.  I will work to help you identify your values and beliefs so that you can begin to live congruently."

Judith Reedy, MEd, LPC
Therapist/Brainspotting Phases 1-4, Addictions, and Intensive

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Amelia-Kate Gore, MS, PLPC
Therapist/Brainspotting Phases 1 and 2

“I work best with clients seeking balance, empowerment, and healing. 

I believe in fostering a therapeutic space where my clients can explore how past and current experiences, trauma(s), relationships (with others and with the self), and family of origin are affecting their lives in the present. This therapeutic space also allows clients to explore and sculpt values that feel authentic. 


My approach draws from an Existential and Mindfulness lens. I also incorporate Psychoanalytic viewpoints. I utilize both talk therapy and Brainspotting, as well as creative interventions. 

I have previous experience working in substance use recovery, substance use treatment, and with young adults in a university setting.” 

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Kayleigh Underwood, MS, LPC-A, 
Therapist/Brainspotting Phase 1

"I work best with clients who are seeking to find themselves and the greater meaning in their lives. I enjoy work that helps clients find their “why” in life - their happy. I strive to make the therapeutic environment a safe, open space for clients to be comfortable working through the difficult and hard-to-touch pieces. Each session should be tailored to the individual in the space.

I am a humanistic therapist, utilizing existentialism with a narrative flair. I utilize a variety of
techniques depending on the needs of my client. My work is trauma informed. I typically utilize talk therapy, Brainspotting, and experiential activities while working with clients. I am open to stepping outside the box to meet the needs of my client. My areas of interest include trauma, identity development, and holistic wellness. "

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Marcela Spicuzza, LPC-A, CCTP, NCC
Therapist/Brainspotting Phases 1&2

"I believe therapy is a collaborative experience between counselor and client. I work best with clients who are interested in exploring past traumatic experiences, family of origin issues, and current relationships (personal and societal) and how these issues affect them today. I am a humanistic therapist, often drawing from the Existential and Adlerian approaches. I often incorporate Systemic and Psychoanalytic viewpoints as well. I utilize both talk therapy and Brainspotting, a brain-body modality, and hold certification as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  I have worked in multiple settings including substance use facilities, private practice, and with college students in a university setting. My areas of interest include working with young adults and cultural and ethnic minorities. "

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